Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wisdom are born under Pressure

One of the most valuable elements known to man, endures a transformation under extreme pressure before becoming a precious stone. A person endures a similar transformation under extreme pressure before reaching his/her destiny or fate.

Today, we endure many difficult moments hoping to reach - relief, success and/or a breakthrough in having better lifestyles. On the way we're tried with personalities, major decisions, and moments of exhaustion both mental and physically. Not knowing these trials are designed to test us, build our tolerance, and shape the intellect. We are not the same coming out, as we are going in.

In the midst of a transformation, certain realizations occur we do not expect. A person can develop more patience and not even realize this quality has been earned. Consequently, one's "will and ability" can also come together for action. Will often does not connect with ability, but when it does - synergy is birthed! Now your ideas are acted upon, as it has been written to achieve greatness.

Seeking guidance while under extreme pressure is natural, for wellness and next steps. "A secured heart creates a comfortable mind, which makes a well physical." People have been searching for guidance since Adam, and when he (Adam) remembered a certain phrase during a struggle for forgiveness; his pressure was relieved. The same for us during difficult moments. We seek out people of knowledge, experience and insight. We tell this person our problem or issues, and they patiently listens to us. We are expecting to hear a long insightful response, instead we're given a simple process that harnesses our values  - after a time of  endurance and patience are appreciated. The person says....

"Diamond are born under Pressure" 

hmmm... a simple concept holding our struggle in one statement. Understanding the process, what a piece of carbon or coal experience over time and under extreme pressure. Can reflect the struggle of man and the extreme trials he/she endures on their journey for a better lifestyle.

Have patience my people, and endure the life in front of you. Extract its wisdom or the learning lesson for improvement and make it a life principle. Try to avoid the negativity that exists, it is always going to be there - just ignore them.

We appreciate you for having patience, over the past few weeks while I was sick and not posting. During that time I was given my own medicine of advice, "Diamonds are born under pressure" a statement coined by Peter Marshall, Thank you.
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