Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wednesday's Wisdom .... Revive the American Brand

Made in America, a label that speaks on a country's dignity, ingenuity, independence and quality lifestyles here in the United States of America. A Successful American brand, that powers a family's well being - providing a state of mind for security and comfort. Recently, a conversation took place between a blogger and photographer about technology, people, education and Reviving the American Brand.

here is the conversation.....

I accompanied a family member to the doctor's office for a medical procedure. Also there was a photographer; who also waiting for their family as well. The photographer caught my attention....

I asked, "is that a tablet?" She answered, "yes" and politely delivered a very impressive presentation of the tablet's features. This overview led into a discussion about the digital divide between age groups. Having mutual thoughts we agreed on, "people who do not embrace the digital age, are left behind and will not benefit in being progressive for the new world we face." Social and New Media platforms are spawning new ideas that are customizing lifestyles and new businesses. We laughed and "shot" ourselves over those who post those "minute by minute" details, about what we call, "nothing news." Speaking about relations between people, using a term we casually use here on Create-A-Voice, "social apprehension."

In reviving our brand, we must first alleviate the social apprehension between us. People can come together at work, for meetings and church; but these same people (us) aren't socially interactive in public. We simply refrain from common courtesies, but we are truly #PeopleHelpingPeople a concept that encourages small kindnesses. Our neighborly needs culture need an overhaul. Having the presence of good examples are rarely seen in our neighborhoods.

We can re-establish and recognize our commnity's good examples. Create new relationships with old neighbors, outside of  "Hello and Bye." Hopefully with new opportunities, we can counteract current hardships, with neighborly stone soup

You know hospital lobby conversation can switch reels fast - so our next topic was education. Which us led into a discussion about the Obama Administration and trying to make sense about America's reform. Understanding the management over an American corporation, require re-educating ourselves wisely for a just comprehension.

Budget cuts have taken place, reliable organizations have downsized their employees/services, and transparency for trust has become desperately required. Amazingly, we have witnessed a company's CEO (President Barak Obama) stream line and optimized this country's expenses from in the red and "over spending."

Recovering from the previous management's expenses, has been a serious trial. As a people we are now learning to understand economic terms, critically think about policy, and decipher expert's language. This will and have helped us obtain clarity about the Obama Administration - in their strong attempt to revive our existence.
random thought while writing.... "It's amazing how the same people who approved spending America's wealth, are now bitching about the economy they mishandled and created this financial chaos" WOW!

We should Revive the American Brand. Or.... become a conspiracy theory, and those are not nice. Since domestic companies outsourced labor, it removed a mind state for security and a people's sense of comfort. We can become more progressive by utilizing the same ingenuity which developed the famous and well respected "Made in America" brand. 

True, companies have moved... but America remains rich with social capital and unmanned facilities. New brands are waiting to become viable competition here on American soil. By establishing new compaines for a international demand, we have the opportunity to become suppliers and retake various open markets. Thus making a strategic attempt in lowering unemployment, and a Revival of American Brands. 
"This thought will make those American companies who moved for cost effective labor, rethink their strategy and possibly relocate back or die out trying to compete against cost effective domestic merchandise, goods, services and renewed labour force." #createavoice
...and then we were called by nursing desk, which concluded our conversation :-)

America is now a place of diverse cultures, religions and ethnicity. A new sensibility of comprehensive leadership has been re-elected; effectively lead U.S. into the future. What was once a Catholic and Christian country now must align themselves with others; Muslims, Jews, Hindu, Buddhists and the Indigenous. Establishing the best practice that will ensure the people's best interest. Input from all communities is necessary, prior to reviving this challenge. Since before Obama's first term, we began dialogues for relationship building. The 2012 campaigns have exposed our differences. Now we can developed better understandings and work together from this point.

Reviving the American Brand will not be easy, but "Diamonds are born under pressure" (this is a revision from August 31, 2011)

Wisdom Wednesday are thoughts for social conversation and the sharing of honest opinions, ideals, and Wisdom. All of us have a value worth sharing; it may motivate another to stop, continue and/ or begin a certain process in our personal or social development. 
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  1. Peace,
    Thank for this well thought piece. It is a much needed positive outlook on a very grim circumstance. "Social Media" has somehow made people LESS social. Sure, online anyone can be a social butterfly, but often we are projecting a certain image of ourselves into this fantasy world that is just a farse of the REAL us. I meet too many teenagers that don't know anything about real life common curtosy and conversation. YET AND STILL, like you said, we MUST be internet savvy to progress in just about any field of work or study these days. I guess my point is, we can be both real human examples of good morals and intellect while increasing our WEB 2.0 capabilities.

  2. Peace and Blessings,

    I'm glad this blog-ver-sa-tion motivated more insight into social media and our being a butterflying online and socially apprehensive in public.

    Please share our blog-ver-sa-tions with your friends and thank for visiting, I'm my way to

    Change the blogging world with a relevant personality #createavoice

  3. So, besides being SAHM, student, writer, Muslimah striving to please Allah... I am an entrpenuer of sorts. I hijabs and accessories at my masjid every Friday. This past Friday a sister shook her head and said, "Sister, you have to get that device that connects to your smartphone so you can swipe credit card purchases. I never carry cash!" It made me think about what you were talking about with keeping up with the digital age. If you don't you will loose precious money, time, and labor!

    1. I had to add a Muslim Mommy touch to Create-A-Voice and follow her lead, by adding the widget below each blog-ver-sa=tion. Please visit my sister's blog here thx!