Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wisdom Wednesday ... so you wanna be a Leader

So leadership is your next appointment, and you're ready to "take action where there is no action!" A leader's reputation is a mutual respect among influential stakeholders, outside of their normal comfort zone of colleagues. Once you assume leadership, will you be able to maintain an organization's infrastructure its incoming resources, keeping vital relationships in tact... navigating your way through civic waters of politics, and/or avoiding the noids of the land?

Are you ready to truly focus, facilitate and fashion the founders' vision and mission. Do you have a vision of your own? If so, have you shared it with others and can others relate? Is it relevant to the people. Everyday you will exercise critical decisions, for delicate discussions. Can you practice reflective listening, to empower the ideas and suggestions of your team. "Yes team!" You are not alone in decision making, consultation is required. How does your resume reflect across the minds of others. Have you any accomplishments, education, certifications, any endorsements - are you a people's person. Tell us about your growth.
"Leadership is a position of blue ocean thinking, creating unique innovative source codes for deployment. It's thinking Google while working to change a Myspace environment."
In studying the science of Martial Arts; there exists 5 Scrolls in synchronicity. All working together sharing power among each other. Experience and wisdom develops a person's ability into having aggregated skills, for different levels of work. Having the ability to adapt, improvise and conquer by knowing the functionality of the other scrolls, God Willing, this will unlock key strategies for resolving issues and birth new ideas. Leadership has many components, each have its own mental process.

Follow me as I explain my questioning...

Leadership is an organic quality that is nurtured, educated, and groomed for his/her appointment. Leadership is not a job or career, it's responsibility. A place for calm thinkers to expedite solid management while under pressure. Passionate leaders endure this journey with patience, perseverance and prayer (salat); a cushion for those unexpected hardships. Quiet as kept, in certain organizations, their is no compensation. During or after a good speech, one should hold an ability to ignore all incoming accolades. Guard yourself with intelligence, applying wisdom (hikmah) and most all embrace humility, why? Safeguard the ego from falsely attributing one's self for his/her gifts.

In conclusion, leadership is accountability for people and their property. You are a trustworthy custodian, and the people are waiting for the right leader to walk through the gates and resolve tribal conflicts. Is your peaceful motivating personality, felt within the context of thoughtful articulation. Most of all, can you keep a secret, secrets must be kept within a trustworthy secured heart. Cannot use those secrets for means of power and other selfish gains.

So you wanna be a leader?
Wisdom Wednesday are reminders for social conversations - the sharing of honest opinions and wise ideals. All of us have a value worth sharing; it may motivate another to stop, continue and/or begin a certain process in our personal growth or social development.
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  1. Greetings
    After reading your blog of "So you wanna be a leader, there where three thoughts that came to me, clearly my role as mother reminds how real you must be with your child or children in my case I have the opportunity to raise five and trust me keeping secrets listening to them, being there for them but wanting a more quality of life for them has spark the interest for me stepping up to the plate to lead our community.
    Another reason why I think Want to be a more effective leader would have to be because I have the continued desire to do the research to help change policies that arent representing what our community really needs, of course building relationships with "The Yes Team" is equally important, the Team canvas community So that we would know ecacty the priority need is in our community!
    The most difficult self assignment of all for me is to be discipline.Having Discipline or self control signifies to others your not playing it teaches people of authority your boundaries and no matter what. I find it difficult because I haven't fully balanced the way I like to have fun yet! It's a journey for me personally I think everyone has Peace & harmony on their agendas. it has not Alway been that way, wisdom often speaks to me but I sometimes end up experience the avenues of lessoned learned.
    So yes I want to improve my leadership skills. Sometimes I think I'm to critical By constantly evaluating Me.
    Thanks once again for allowing me lo have deep thought about what I do and why I do it