Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wisdom Wednesday... Inherited Prejudices

How can one's thinking and decision-making be insightful or leading, if his/her condition is tainted by pre-existing issues? Community relationships are suffering; because today's power brokers, leaders and family heads all have inherited prejudices from previous generations. Subsequently, suppressing emerging leaders from practicing basic principles, for unity between community members.

"When the Elephants war, the grass suffers" An African Proverb

New leaders cannot move forward without an organized community. They are caught in between the social apprehension of clans, cliques and crews; which prevent social advancement for many. Few organizations are empowering its community or applying relevant strategies a community can relate with; but instead are plaguing its constituency under the following ills...
  • Unresolved founder's syndrome, communal and tribal beefs 
  • Resistant leadership
  • Lack of education and exploring new concepts
  • Lack of successful professionals, who are relevant with industry standards
  • ...all creating "Mistrust"
Leadership being a male dominate arena; most networks are reluctant to consider the woman's voice. Which is why women are creating and leading their own organizations. Opening doors for young leaders, building empowered and skillful cohorts without prejudice.

For years, prejudices have hindered powerful progress and has only perpetuated a never ending story around...
  1. Ethnic stereotyping leading to subtle racism, overt in some cases
  2. Conflicts between community pioneers
  3. Economic class clash
These are only a few of the "inherited prejudices" that is smothering the little manpower within organizations, communities and relationships.

Looking forward, new creatives and educated minds are identifying the untainted talent, for an evolution of social innovation. New leaders are listening to people's interests, they're considering critique about their own leadership and performance.

Conflicts develop effective illusions between the hearts of the people. These illusions appear to be believable constructs - after probing deeply can/will only expose its falsehood. New creative minds are exposing prejudices, by occupying themselves with good work and liberating thinking. Allowing themselves to see true principles, that were hidden and/or not unrecognized by prejudice.

There is no room, to carry on any social apprehension and/or an inherited prejudice from a previous administration and/or generation. The people are asking for a revival of community, successful relationships and economic justice. Which can only happen with cooperation, will + ability; empowerment and relevant education.
Wisdom Wednesday are social reminders for conversation - the sharing of honest opinions and wise ideals. All of us have a value worth sharing; it may motivate another to stop, continue and/or begin a certain process in our personal growth or social development.
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  1. This was right on point!!! so on point, its scary!!!

    It provides another view on some of the challenges we are facing today and it describes the desire people have to truly make change.

    Great Work!!!

    1. Thank you Sir, please share us with friends, colleagues and across your social network. #createavoice

  2. As Salaamu Alaykum!
    This is a major cancer in our community. I applaud Creative Voice for presenting this reality and I pray that I am not in no way directly or indirectly contributing this social ill. Our community history is one of shared struggle (if I have and you do not have then we both have because I'm willing to share). But our inherited prejudices are keeping from doing this. It is eroding our community equity at time when we need it so very much. Islam in heart is the solution! Thought Provoking Creative Voice!!