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Wisdom Wednesday_Creating a Synergistic Culture

Welcome to ILM (Intellect-Love-Mercy) leadership learning series. The ILM facilitates relationships have always maintained a dignity within its ranks that reflects a quality of relations few have chartered. The foundation of ILM's energy can be found in Surah Al Maun. Consideration, thoughtfulness, strategic handling are emotionally placed into every relationship, or network we are involved with and/or facilitate (CPHD). This comes from a sense of nurturing between one another, and how to describe our interaction with others.
Below are mindful points, how to facilitate an ILM presence, both domestically and international interaction. These studies will come in use, for when you will be given an assignment, and/or have an encounter with various parties who know our culture and synergistic personalities. The objective is to internalize this, form your own personal charisma by having a synergistic approach What does this approach consist of:
  • Emphasis is on cooperation for mutual advantage
  • Conspicuous for nonaggressive social order
  • Social institutions promote individual and group development
  • An organization that idealizes win-win situations
  • Leadership fosters sharing wealth and advantage for the common good. Cooperatives are encouraged, and poverty is fought. (Humanitarian Day, though our CPHD Network)
  • Society seeks to use community resources and talent for the commonwealth, and encourages development of human potential...
  • Open system of secure people who tend to be benevolent, helpful, friendly, and generous; its heroes are altruistic and philanthropic.
  • Belief system, religion, or philosophy is comforting and life is consoling…
  • Generally, the citizenry is psychologically healthy, and mutual reciprocity is evident in relationships… 

Al Qu'ran Surah Al Maun
1. Seest thou one who denies the Judgment (to come)?
2. Then such is the (man) who repulses the orphan (with  harshness),
3. And encourages not the feeding of the indigent.
4. So woe to the worshippers
5.  Who are neglectful of their prayers,
6. Those who (want but) to be seen (of men),
7. But refuse (to supply) (even) neighbourly needs.

    This video (Youtube) shows ILM’s synergistic approach with local leaders to (1) form cultural relationships, (2) understand an area’s dynamics through diligent research, by asking the necessary questions before initiating any social-project in Accra, Ghana. The ILM Foundation is faith-based not-for-profit organization based in Los Angeles.


    Pause for this Brief Conscious Break

    (1) How will you utilize expertise to change your community interactions with others, or your workplace? (2) What country other than where you live/work now, would you like to work or live, and why?
    Insight on Global Leadership
    The global market is definitely a place of diversity and cultural understandings. For instance, the average African speaks fluently at least 3-4 different languages. Having this divergent ability in linguistic speaking, it is a quality that increases a person’s capacity, for critical thinking. It is a cultural intelligence where most American business leaders lack this proficiency. Some American Leadership, working outside the United States may rely more on a comprehension for Global Ethics, a cultural understanding on mannerisms, and a basic urban comprehension of local landscapes; which opens one’s self to a more synergistic balance.

    Let's keep this in mind; the United States wmay play a major role in global ethics and leadership development. For the past several years, U.S. involvement around the world has developed an ethnocentric perception, on how the U.S. is perceived when it comes to resolving matters. Our roles will be directly connected with repair-and-assist, and design-to-rebuild global relationships, through social entrepreneurial ventures. It is important to have a synergistic approach in global business dealings, in order to avoid any more butterfly effects to global economies. “On the human front, from each perspective, there lies a way of seeing the world and reacting to it, which then determines behavior and actions.”  

    Mission… ILM Foundation’s mission is to teach life skills, to economically underprivileged youth and adults so that social ills are replaced with opportunities for intellectual and economic empowerment. 

    Vision … to create an active network of multifaceted, talented caregivers that utilize their skills and resources to help others obtain shelter, create and/or seek employment, assist individuals to enhance life skill capabilities, and provide social economic – educational development, for those seeking to sustain urban lives.  

    ILM utilizes education and leadership motivation as key drivers to unlock long-term economic sustainability for people and communities we care about, the following chart describes how. 
    [Free Download Creating a Synergistic Culture]

    References:Bullet points and quote statements are found in the text study
     Managing Cultural Differences, pg. 234 ISBN: 978-1-85617-923-2 

    Wisdom Wednesday are thoughts for social conversation and the sharing of honest opinions, ideals, and Wisdom. All of us have a value worth sharing; that may motivate another person to stop, continue and/ or begin a certain process of personal or social development. #tohavevision
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    References: Bullet points and quotes are found in the text study Managing Cultural Differences, pg 234 ISBN: 978-1-85617-923-2

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