Thursday, February 17, 2011

bullying in America...

When did the movie screen characters like Biff Tannen Back to the Future, or Breakfast Club's John Bender, and in some cases Peppermint Patty better or yet Lucy of Peanuts; when did these characters become real. Seriously, growing up in urban Compton bullying was innately attached to Crips and Bloods and even then tyrannical behavior was not inflicted upon weak, shy or timid individuals - just wasn't tolerated cause you would have deal with their family members, who gang bang! #IMJ

In 2003, according to Bully Police dot Org  Alabama, Alaska?, Arizona, Arkansas and California are reported as the top 5 states of bullying. 1 of every 4 child has experienced being bullied and 30% of U.S. students between grades 6-10 are involved or affected in bullying. Parents we should start walking our children to and from school again, and if you cannot entrust someone who can; volunteer in schools more.

This problem can be seen across America's cultures; politics (economy), law enforcement (Rodney King), homeland security (airports) and even your religious center - passing the plate every 5 five minutes or banquet dinners and its time for fund-raising. Some bullies inherit this behavior from Pops or Moms (you ever been bullied by a single mother, it's the worst!) ;-).

As the late comedian Bernie Mac might say, Our social issues "America" has devalued our equity in the world's view of us. The United States domestic behavior is alarming, we have non-profit organizations for everything and no solutions are being embraced. Let's embrace some form of moral piety and practice becoming better. We are still ahead of the game, but our domestic values are becoming unbelievable and impossible to bare. "Create A Voice" people for a better domestic quality of life and start with self.

Micheal Jackson "Man in the Mirror" may have been better, but this news clip is more actual.

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