Monday, February 14, 2011

New Media and Community Service

For the past several years, "Create A Voice" has been developing its concept of Watch, Listen and Read, as an active member of the Coalition to Preserve Human Dignity (CPHD). The CPHD are volunteers, organizations and institutions who collectively share resources for Humanitarian Day projects.

Humanitarian Day, a direct service event established by the ILM Foundation in 2000; within this event lies an understanding of "People Helping People." The nature of this work is purifying our thinking, defining our purpose for technology; thus developed a concern for action towards America's social issues (Yes we have issues).

We pray, our unique "thoughts to content" will transform minds and create a voice for awareness, bringing it directly to you.

In saying, meet Creative Roots an independent filmmaker; who knows what it takes to be "Disruptive".....meaning changing society's negative patterns by utilizing skills and value for Social Empowerment Economic Development (will tell you more later about S.E.E.D.)

Humanitarian Day 2007 from Creative Roots on Vimeo.

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