Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our intention...

is Simple "Create A Voice" for unique content, using 3.0 tools such as people in combination with new media.

So far, we have posted content under our features...Wisdom Wednesday, Community Organize, random Thinking and more to come. Our Watch, Listen and Read concept will be delivered through filmmakers, social justice events and music simply by expressing a social+tainment mind frame - and still have not express it totally.

The internet has totally opened the doors for us as Social-preneurs to achieve niche markets around audiences who desire Video, Music and Blog-ver-sa-tions; translating to Watch, Listen and Read.

During 2011, we intend on building a new experience for users to share their creative voices across the web. A platform for individuals, organizations and institutions to express creative thoughts to the World - See diagram for our target audience... We invite Skillful individuals to join this New Media project, email us at  "create a voice at gmail dot com" (spelled out)....Share the Vision and WhoopWoop!

You can find this image at

A Blog No...Network Yes! Unique content to Watch, Listen and Read - Socialtaiment for sharing with your virtual friends...Simply "Create A Voice"

Note: Muhammad Ali once said, "I shook up the world" #createavoice

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