Saturday, February 12, 2011

Posting...How often?

How often will we update or post new content. We'll try to post something interesting or conversational everyday. We know the more a site post content and keeping their audience updated, well (a long "well-l-l-l" voice...) One thing we do not want is to have content that is so frequent it isn't interesting or relevant, at all.

I could sell you or get you to bite on the latest social media guru strategy, but that is almost like late night infomercials "hey buy this book and become Rich; just like so and so.."

Our intention is a growing process and I pray we all have enough time to witness the growth of "Create A Voice". I would like to suggest the following...

----> So we are thinking of reviving our facebook conversation "Wisdom Wednesday" here and create a weekly frequency with you and build from there. What you think? Also, we are seeking Contributors who have an edgy creative sense of wise writing; someone who can make you say, "Is That Right!" Anyone?

Do not make us feel alone please comment, ( thanks for your patience and please enjoy this video from RSAnimate....they are so so disruptive with their work! A good video for Entrepreneurs



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