Monday, February 21, 2011

New Tools for Politics...

What is Social Media Marketing?
the Web, a born necessity for more efficient strategies of communication and today its vision is being fulfilled across the globe. Now the question is,"What is the purpose of a social platform and how can users play a part" such as....Facebook's community, Twitter's broadcasting and Create A Voice's new media (i had too). For many it is the entertainment of others, for you it's a source of trending topics, and for a growing significance it's an outlet for broadcasting awareness!

In early January 2011:
  • a grassroots march in Hollywood started its awareness over Twitter featuring the famous Sheila E leading a crowd of supporters to face CNN and say "I am with you Mr. President #iamwumrpres", 
  • on Facebook began the mobilization for Human Dignity in Egypt. 
  • Even more astonishing - professional journalists are broadcasting live updates on Twitter by the second, than it usually takes for a generated station news break. 
Social activists are now redeveloping the way we have organized in the past for awareness, facing political issues with a vast constituency of instant virtual voices.

I read an interesting point this morning, "Twitter is a platform. And if journalism is an action, can Tweets represent acts of journalism?" This whole new media convergence is forcing traditional acts of coverage to embrace unbias thoughts. Displaying the true intelligence of people once taken for granted by mainatream overseers. #createavoice

"All actions are but by intentions..."

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