Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What is New Media?

Being a Commodore 64 kid, the fascination with programming and electronic devices has been a long time interest. Since the Internet's inception, it has grown out of universities into PCs/ MACs, smartphones and now tablets . Now the content over these devices that we Watch, Listen and Read is called New Media.

As a New Media Provider (NMP), WhoopWoop® llc, the domain owner of WhoopWoop.com and CreateaVoice.com will provide this unique content ...Watch, Listen and Read™ (you got it...lol). Conceptional, we have been contemplating this idea since 2002, WhoopWoop.com is a combination of video, audio and posts - since June 27, 2002 (a sigh).

Now we are being certified by USC's Marshall School of Business and RUI for New Media Management, our vision is more clear and relevant for tomorrow's involvement in shaping what's to come. Our New Media platform is open for Programming Entrepreneurs, Journalists, Producers and Artists to collaborate and build online networks of "Socialtainment"; oh and Lawyers.

Can you feel it, this idea is totally Disruptive!  An adverb I use for motivation of what we do and who we are; the word is not industry past tense just no one has been able to exemplify its attributes in a while. Oh who are we, to the bottom right is the avatar emoticon with our description. Until we meet....be Disruptive!

As mentioned; We Would Like to Invite a Sincere Group of Professionals who have Passion for the their Skills and ready to join a vision and innovate what we share - Create History! Please email us your bio or interest of involvement mailto: Create A Voice at Gmail dot com (open source...you have to love it!).

Join Watch, Listen and Read Vision!

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