Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wisdom Wednesday: Is Black History Month becoming irrelevant?

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Is Black History Month becoming irrelevant?

Black History Month, the narrative plight of African Americans. Reminding the world about African American history and its' struggles from America’s plantation fields into intelligent fearless community organizers for Civil Rights, and now policy makers, CEO’s, and the local educators; but my question is,

“but has Black History Month become irrelevant to a new generation of African Americans?”

Most argue (1) February the shortest month of the year is not enough time for a respectful observation and/ or (2) it is an opportunity for corporate commercialization. If these arguments are true, then where are the debates and the commercials; was not seen during SuperBowl XLV? Last year 2010 - Wisdom Wednesday highlighted speeches from Sojourner Truth and Fredrick Douglas on Facebook. Since 1976, the same heroes have been mentioned year after year without adding new narratives. Visiting a local library today witnessing such a dull display of #BHM, kind of motivated this article –

asking again, “has Black History Month become irrelevant to a new generation?”

Where are the once powerful voices of the NAACP, Urban League and the SCLC with national committees or joint ventures, oral narrations for education and tolerance with some type preventive mechanism? Consequently African Americans are being threatened by:

  • adolescent pregnancies account for approximately 80% of unplanned pregnancies,
  • African American young men 49% unemployment
  • African Americans represent an estimated 12% of the U.S. population yet make up almost 37% of all reported AIDS cases.
  • and homelessness.

“is Black History Month irrelevant and what solutions would re-ignite concern?”

A discussion is needed for the revival of leading minds that would rescue those stagnated integrated mentalities from being voiceless. Re-organized the focus of this month February and institute a plan of action for the African American culture. Lay to rest previous arguments of corporate commercialization and/ or the optimization of history in February, and handle urgent current domestic issues – before it goes pop!


Philadelphia Black Women's Health Project
Black Women's Health

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  1. Is Black History Becoming Irrevelent? Createavoice brings up an excellent question. Also presented are parallels to challenge us African American of the current value of our divinely driven global brand /(identity). It time to get busy!

    May Allah Reward you for making us think!!!

  2. seems our history would be narrated more by African Americans; especially those who advertise their success and wealth. I appreciate our courageous Helpers of the past, today we have giants walking among us; people who we can learn from in real time. Black History Month #bhm should be used to uplift every soul that needs uplifting. Thanks for commenting on today's Wisdom Wednesday...New Media commentary from "Create A Voice" dot org

  3. Yes! I, personally do not feel that we need it today. It's almost patronizing, as is most things when it comes to Black people. I am not stating that it is unimportant for us to know our history. But do really really need a government mandated month to look it up ourselves Are we retards? Are we children? Do we need to be reminded, "Oh, it's February, let me find out who the **** Frederick Douglas is!" It is not our schools or government responsibility. It is our individual responsibility. Native Americans do not need a month. Jews do not need a month. Japanese do not need a month to celebrate their heroes. Because they probably do that within their own homes. Black people need to grow up and stop acting like America's retarded kids. Always needing Mother America to put her titty in our mouth. We are too grown!
    Plus, certain groups of Black America do not know how to teach or digest our history. Some preach our history from a place of anger. Which breeds "reverse racism. Some tell the story from the place of weakness. That gives seeds to children of low self esteem. Not enough TEACH the story of CELEBRATION which always gives birth to self aware and CONFIDENT human beings. So if Black history is important to you and your family, teach it! Don't wait around for February to watch Eyes On the Prize. Don't sit around 11 months out of the year watching Housewives of Atlanta, then come February, you want to know who John Carlos is. Black History ridiculous and it makes a mockery of Black people. We can't even study ourselves without being reminded. Ridiculous. Ban it. Remove it from my calendar. If a group of people cannot take responsibility to KNOW its own history... then, EVOLVE OR DIE!

  4. Stereo Typist thank you for your thoughts