Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Digital Literacy: Computer Love

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     "1985" I remember these events clearly shaping my perspective today....(1)the summer before the 10th grade in Brooklyn, (2) watching the Game of Death with Bruce Lee for the first time. In September of '85, the release of a song that is more relevant today than it was then - Computer Love by Roger. After imagining those lyrics and a computer showing women. I pulled out of storage my (3) Commodore64 and loss my virginity of traditional learning; which subsequently began this computer love for digital literacy.

"Thanks to modern technology" (Roger,1985) we can now surf the World Wide Web, make video phone calls and online date as mentioned in Computer Love. 2012 (our future) requires us being digital literate, a necessary skill for navigating through social and professional waters. It still poses some challenges across communities in America.

  • 64% of households in California earning less than $15,000 per year do not own a computer compared to 34% of all California's households and 38% of all households nationally.

  • 73% of households in California earning less than $15,000 per year do not use the Internet at home compared to 40% of all California's households and 45% of all households nationally.

  • 8% of households in California earning less than $15,000 per year have broadband compared to 26% of all California's households and 20% of all households nationally.

What does this means...not everyone has the necessary tools in becoming digital literate, though most computer training initiate on the job. A good number of Americans do not have quality internet access - as we are now. These economic times are transforming many us and others from being secured into the unsecured; unemployment, no health care and foreclosures.

Raising the standard of Digital Literacy is an important focus for us here. Having the ability to access, utilize and implement the information found in cyberspace is a blessing.

What ways you think we can raise our digital literacy for more sufficient lifestyles?

"Thanks to Modern Technology"....#createavoice Watch, Listen And Read!

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