Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wisdom Wednesday: Where are the Voices...

Where are the Voices...

Theodore Roosevelt, El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X) and Caesar Chavez; each represent a social segment of American history. Voices for distinct causes; a nation's future stability, a people's mental liberation and one's quality of life. Clear comprehensive movements. Men with empowering minds whose words affected business institutions, religious-cultural organizations and courageous strategies of coalition building - creating a righteous power for the people's best interest to utilize under the U.S. Constitution.

        "... but that I stand for having those rules changed so as to work for a more substantial equality of opportunity and of reward for equally good service" further goes to say "Now, this means that our government, National and State, must be freed from the sinister influence or control of special interests." Square Deal speech....Theodore Roosevelt

        "The trip was very enlightening, inspiring, and fruitful. I didn't go into any African country, or any country in the Middle East for that matter, and run into any closed door, closed mind, or closed heart. I found a warm reception and an amazingly deep interest and sympathy for the Black man in this country in regards to our struggle for human rights." El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz on February 14, 1965

        "My motivation comes from my personal life--from watching what my mother and father went through when I was growing up; from what we experienced as migrant farm workers in California. That dream, that vision, grew from my own experience with racism, with hope, with the desire to be treated fairly and to see my people treated as human beings and not as chattel." Further saying, "I began to realize what other minority people had discovered: That the only answer--the only hope--was in organizing." Caesar Chavez November 9, 1984
Similar purposes...
Each represented equality for an American ethnic group of their era. In 2011, their core issues are still relevant and totally represent America's political and social landscape. 

Our economic workforce is partially unemployed (Roosevelt's internalized point), equal freedom  and dignity (El-Hajj's purpose) and Wisconsin's union issues (Señor Chavez's realization).

Segmented Americans regardless of citizenship, documented and/ or undocumented all are seeking equality in the "Pursuit of Happiness". It is that time for a negotiated order between groups in creating macro-solutions across and/or for; Economic Recovery, Religious-Cultural Intelligence and Beneficial Livelihoods....

Where are the Wise Voices of Inspiration, Courage and Motivation for the people's best interest....?


"I'm the Lion You do not wanna mess with"...Daniel  #createavoice
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  1. On AL Shabazz's quote. Traveling to other countries for an African American is a very heart warming event. I have found that in other countires they are more excepting of the African AMerican's delima than AMerican's. When I was in Afghanistan, I found that more Afghan's were welcoming of me. More So than the White American. When I asked a few of the locals who I had just met, they would say that they didn't like AMerican's, and I asked "Does that include me?" They told me no, we don't like the White American because of their disrespect and Arrogance. I had seen some interactions between whites and Afghans and there was an overwhelming amount of arrogance. African Americans have more friends in this world than we think. Just not at home. I think we all have to wake up. One needs to have more self respect whilst the other has to learn humility. We can only balance things out by balancing ourselves. I was disturbed yet heart-warmed with some of my conversations in Afghanistan.

  2. @MediaSetFree, we appreciate your commentary for this blog-ver-sa-tion...."Where are the voices"

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    Thank you and keep sharing your insightful thoughts!

  3. Bismillah...The voices have been created and are amongst us yet many of them are too distracted to realize the power they posses...In addition, the sinister influences are even more present than ever before and the willingness to relinquish control in no where to be found; Most of the mass minorities lack the means to afford an enlightening trip out of their hood, let alone this country therefore almost never experiencing a warm welcome; The concept of organizing is being taught to those who it will most benefit on such a small scale in turn producing small amounts of hope that are so easily whisked away which then obscures the vision...

    Though today's technology allots for mass global communication, it has largely replaced the workable strategies used by the those voices mentioned above...May we consider going back to the basics exemplified by our forefathers...No need to reinvent the wheel, for it is simply another distraction that has silenced the voices...At least I think so...may GOD be pleased...ameen