Thursday, May 12, 2011

Platform Overview, Comment and Suggestions

We are grateful and we would like to thank you for visiting, sharing and taking interests with our new media blog-ver-sa-tions. We are focused on delivering exceptional exclusive content that will stimulate thought for positive entertainment and social discussions. Our intention is simple "create a voice" for the new online urban world. In maintaining our stride we can use your energy.

How we can use your natural assistance...
  • help us increase membership and followers by sharing, joining and testify about Create A Voice
  • "Share" our Blog-ver-sa-tions on your social platforms and profiles
  • Follow us on Twitter @whoopwoop
  • Post your feedback and suggestions in the comment section of this post or email directly, createavoice at gmail dot com
In less than 90 days Create A Voice reached 3,000 views, a small number but a sign of progress and interest with minimum marketing. As courtesy from the owners WhoopWoop llc, please accept this FREE download - Mp3 Akil Tha MC for WhoopWoop dot com....Thank you for the support and Enjoy!

New Media Blog-ver-sa-tion...Changing the blogging World with a relevant personality.

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