Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wisdom Wednesday: Urgent Care

Wisdom Wednesday are thoughts for social conversation and sharing our honest opinions, ideals and Wisdom. All of us have a value worth sharing; it may motivate another to stop, continue and/ or begin a certain process in our personal or social development.

Urgent Care....

Last night I visited the urgent care. I took a near relative in for difficulty of breathing. Walking into a room of illnesses began a stressful experience. Observing the room's different situations,
  • grandmothers and their children's children
  • single mothers, boyfriends/ girlfriends, friends 
  • wives - husbands and the staff
All watching two TVs one playing Jeopardy and the other a cooking show. Sitting in urgent care is an in depth look into behaviors, expressions and surface problems. For instance, the tired "weary grandmother" sitting with her grandchildren; both of them very talkative and worrying her - all along while Granny is rubbing a painful knee (seemed to be over stress).

Over behind Granny is sitting a couple; the female leaning on her male counterpart for comfort, who seemed to be stressed out and not wanting to be bothered....interesting. One seeking support from a person who seem annoyed of the situation.
Suddenly you hear "Granny is fifty-nine!", said the child. Granny looks at me and we all chuckle together, breaking the stressful levels in the
Now another couple walks in, what is obvious; the guy is showing valuable support to his woman; but ironically she is texting - totally Opposite of the first couple? Obviously he is trying to console his patient at the help desk but she is still texting... seemingly stressed by all the touchy feeling stuff.
Now Orprah's on and the room's stress level again is broken (first by our laughing). Watching all the starz, gift giveaways and the her amazing history as America's top daytime talk show host. 
 This Wisdom Wednesday is more like a "random Thinking". Now what is not random is all the stress in the room:
  • mines by just walking into the room
  • seeing Granny rubbing her knee while dealing with the kids
  • and a number of limping ill American workers seeking treatment after work (still wearing work clothes)
Stress is unseen, but its noticeable and felt in so many ways; diabetes, high blood pressure, and fatigue from being overwork and possibly underpaid. We have to find ways in easing our stress levels for more healthier lives. Exercise, Laughing, Writing - basically letting go of problems we cannot control or handle at least find a better way to handle it. All Watchers, Listeners and Readers please take care of yourselves....

Oh, the relative I brought is ok. Another visit which just meant prescription for more drugs. We are in the wrong business...we should open a pharmacy and become a legal... you know ;-) Thanks.

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