Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wisdom Wednesday...having Faith

Wisdom Wednesday are thoughts for social conversation and the sharing of honest opinions, ideals, and Wisdom. All of us have a value worth sharing; it may motivate another to stop, continue and/ or begin a certain process in our personal or social development.

What does Faith do or mean to you...

Faith is having complete trust and confidence in someone, something or a concept. It's considered a comfort zone of reality, that most people use to navigate through life trials and having a mere comprehension of the unseen. Principles taught during our early years, but not quite valued or understood until adulthood. Faith can prepare us for the unknown and/ or unexpected inevitable circumstances. 
How would one cope without having faith, without any belief in a higher source or no comfortable understanding about life or death?
I wanted to end this blog-ver-sa-tion with that question, and give someone a chance to comment or give their opinion. There are many faith-based conversations occurring everyday. Some very enlightening while others can be disrespectful and even misleading. For many it is a comfort zone and refuge in times of hardships, joy and understanding. So what can faith do for a person.....

  • Freedom of thought, mind and action; it can open your potential
  • Can rid one of anxiety and relax one's stress
  • Increase a person's insight
  • Become fearless and adventurous 
  • Develop your cognitive spidey sense for trouble
Three components of having Faith are knowledge, certainty and acceptance. Knowledge resolves falsehood, Certainty guarantees assurance and Acceptance is a solace. Regardless of religion faith is a basic product of religion, even an atheist has faith in their belief. So what does faith means to you....


  1. I am not sure that I can pin down what faith is to me but I definitely know what it isn't. People often say to me things like "Your faith must be such a comfort to you." No.. NO.. NOOOO...
    It's not. My faith makes me struggle. When bad things happen I have to struggle with the fact that it was G-d's will. When there is injustice in the world, I have to struggle with the fact that G-d instructed me to strive for justice. I have to be kind when I don't feel like being kind and sometimes harsh when I don't feel like being harsh. Faith means I can't wear a speedo to the beach (anyone who knows me knows that that might also be an issue of public safety- could cause massive nausea :-) Faith means that I keep kosher and can't slip into one of those amazing looking Mexican fast food places. Faith means putting me at odds with my own lower self and often with the world around me based not a kind of trust that my Creator knows what is good for me and good for His world. There is meaning in that, there is strength in that. There is precious little comfort.

  2. "I have to be kind when I don't feel like being kind and sometimes harsh when I don't feel like being harsh."

    @Lee your statement is a clear example of having faith and what it can do for a person. Meaning, respect and consideration is very important and if using these mean gaining the Creator's Mercy, then yes, it's rough as mentioned but its the self discipline we gain and avoiding unwanted consequences that is a plus....thanks bro!

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