Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday's Wisdom .... while fasting

Wisdom Wednesday are thoughts for social conversation and the sharing of honest opinions, ideals, and Wisdom. All of us have a value worth sharing; it may motivate another to stop, continue and/ or begin a certain process in our personal or social development.

3 things I learned while fasting....

Over the next 20 something days I will be fulfilling an obligation to fast during the month of Ramadan, "yep" your favorite blog-ver-sa-tionist is Muslim. The 3rd Pillar of Islam is Saum or Siyam (Fast), where fasting is observed during the daylight hours from Sunrise - Sunset.

In the midst of the fast, a person can become weak and desire his daily nourishment. Consequently we keep active by reading, which helps most maintain a motivated stride through work. The fast somehow inspires your daily performance and also can build endurance and wisdom. One tends to internalize and reflect on every situation in the past, present and future. Today I would like to share 3 brief situations..... No. 1

Before starting my day like you I'm online following up inbox messages. I caught up with a fellow of mine, we were simply sharing our latest projects. My man is very active in the IT world and his organization assists urban youth and organizations with grants, I'm very proud of him. I then shared my update and he exclaimed in chat, "You're the Man!" PAUSE....for a moment
I knew what he meant and by all means it's nothing more but a simple congratulations. For a slight second I wanted to say "YEah!" but I responded....
PLAY now..."No I'm not the man, just a team player"
Even in our offline moments away from an organization or office, we must remain a team player. Accolades can play one's imagination and make a person forget or move away from being a simple servant or custodian in charge of a provided blessing.

No. 2 After ending the chat, I responded to an email from a friend and he read an article on a popular site. What he found interesting was regarding Muslim organizations and a Gallup poll result (let see if I can find it, ummm, here it is) he writes...
"While there are a lot of fascinating revelations based on the latest Gallup Poll, one part of the article I found particularly interesting was that most American Muslims feel that national Muslim organizations don't speak for them"
replied: Alaykum as'salaam, I agree.

Friend replies: What would these organizations have to do to improve your view of them?

reply: easy represent the people's interest and lose the cultural favoritism

Friend replies: What sort of interests...Also, what examples of cultural favoritism are you referring to...I ask because I'm thinking of setting up an organization and wanted to try not to make the same mistakes as those that came before us.

"Keep in mind this is emailing"

reply: cultural favoritism meaning work for the people who truly needs your advocacy and not for your tribe, ethnicity or nationalism. I'm referring to African Americans, South Asian and Arab driven organizations, its across the board.

Mistakes will be made, your perseverance and sincerity will help capitalize on those mistakes.

All you have to do is leave your comfort zone of friends, colleagues and associates and begin listening to the ppl concerns

it's not a simple formula to configure, it will come in time; just continue on your path and do not be afraid to agree differently from popular opinion.

May Allah Reward and Accept your efforts. How is your day going?

Friend replies: Excellent advice, jazakallah khair bro! I'm so glad there are people.....#end

Interesting morning of conversation I had, as I reflect and internalize things while fasting....No. 3 (?)

"Marriage" Interesting topic....hummm

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Terms used in this blog-ver-sa-tion:
Allah is the proper Arabic word for God
Alaykum as'salaam means May the Peace of Allah be upon you
Jazakallah Khair means May Allah reward you with good
Bro means brother
"You're the Man!" meaning Congratulations!

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