Friday, September 30, 2011

Community Organize: Occupy Wall Street

Right Now, Citizens of the United States in New York City are protesting against the money grab, that's happening on Wall Street. "Occupy Wall Street" a movement of people with a clear objective "Take Back American Livelihoods" in order to build and maintain a healthy family. We have seen other countries protest and stand up for their rights, Americans are protesting against the media blockout of these events and join a righteous "PR" campaign - #PeoplesRevolution

Use your social media platforms to broadcast any #PR movements in all cities. Be smart, wise and effective in broadcasting true public relations for awareness. Do not let politicians wait until 2012 to approve what we need. Call your local representative and voice your opinion about their responsibility to working America. Our intention is to post blog-ver-sa-tions about Occupy Wall Street and the #PeoplesRevolution. 

Over 700 hundred activists, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) carriers, took their grievances to the streets as they protested for wages and benefits in light of a stalled merger between the airlines. Read full story
Occupy Wall Street #PeoplesRevolution

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  2. CEOs and celebrities should model themselves after Russell Simmons. In the midst of a protest meditating with no visible security; amongst the people, Faith in Action! #peoplehelpingpeople