Monday, October 10, 2011

Is That Right: Rethinking Columbus Day

Growing up in Compton, California I have seen and heard many grass-root movements regarding History. Especially for me, during the era of Afrocentric Hip Hop. Expressing views on what then deemed as nationalistic or in some cases viewed racism for simply thinking outside the box  of U.S. History. African Americans and its history have a narrative of: suppressed moments, others taking credit/ stealing original ideas and just straight crimes committed to Africans.

But now it seems, I am now witnessing a social change in America's thinking. This video is clearly questioning the foundation of America and the proposed discovery by Christopher Columbus and his methods of entry, a valid disrespect for the indigenous people and the out right crimes committed then. I am I twilight zoning in this new paradigm of thought? Putting it into perspective I can only say, "Is That Right!" 

Special thanks to Rabia (my people) for posting it on Fb making it a worthy blog-ver-sa-tion

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