Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Community Organize: Stop U.S. Censorship

 Urgent: Stop [U.S.] American censorship of the Internet

We're sending this special edition of our newsletter today because the U.S. Congress is holding hearings on horrible legislation known as the "Stop Online Piracy Act" (SOPA) which would directly attack the technical architecture of the Internet and put every website at risk of being taken offline, even due to a single baseless accusation from a copyright troll. SOPA will hit "user generated content" especially hard -- many collections of CC-licensed works will disappear. Read more in our blog post -- Urgent: Stop [U.S.] American censorship of the Internet.

To take action now by contacting officials and spreading the word, please visit americancensorship.org -- a site that CC is proud to support along with friends such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Free Software Foundation, and Public Knowledge.

If you're an educator, please consider signing this community letter against SOPA from the education community.

The Internet and the commons thank you and we would like to thank Creative Commons for sharing this news.

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