Thursday, April 19, 2012

Every Thursday with India Arie

Watch, Listen and Read Blog-ver-sa-tions for Social blogging and More. Our new post called "Every Thursday" will feature an artist, author or someone with High Disruptive Creativity.

Meet India Arie with "Psalms 23" featuring MC Lyte - it's one of the those feel good songs. Here's why, "They tried to put a stick in between my wheels but they can't stop my motivation, nothing will"... India Arie.

Be Disruptive and next week it may be you.


  1. I am truly a fan of India.Arie her songs are uplifting, the melody's are beautiful and they all seem to have a message. When I first heard Psalm 23 I cried I could relate in so many ways. Thank you for this blog I enjoyed it.

  2. "Every Thursday" a new feature, we intend to showcase someone who is very unique and creatively disruptive; whether it's an artist, author and/ or personality with something to offer.

    Thank you Ms. Tamm for supporting our blog-ver-sa-tions