Tuesday, December 20, 2011

random Thinking

  "random Thinking" means exactly what it is. Thought clouds of various random relevant topics. So just like reality TV - this is reality "Blogversation" 
 Good Gifts of Necessity ....
Give gifts of necessity, Something that will benefit and help with someone's progress and/or sustainability. Just thinking what friends and family desire for gifts can be a real major hassle. Make it easier by providing motivation, ideas, opportunity.
We need tools instead of toys, mental/ physical nourishment instead of fiction. Obtain the recognition every time the person utilizes your gift, this could create a mutual benefit in the long scheme of things. A gift of necessity could be consider just as extravagant and expensive as the latest fashion, drink or get-a-way. Raise your love one's awareness with something he/ she could use and help stimulate progress or sustainability.
Just a "hint", I mean thought... enjoy and thank you the support!

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