Monday, February 6, 2012

Community Organize with General Jeff

Revive Black History Month and Community Organize with General Jeff. Los Angeles Hip Hop Pioneer and Organizer of the Skid Row Community, delivers his third address voicing a real time profile of Skid Row. Part of the forgotten bottom 1%, Jeff's 2012 Skid Row State of the Address gives us a more accurate report on the conditions and thoughts in the Skid Row community for social justice and a stronger community life.

His address contains surreal information, concerns and interests; more than any other report today. We honor General Jeff during our campaign to Revive Black History Month, a relevant name fighting "today" for social justice.

His street cred and thoughtful actions are respected in the Hip Hop community and it strengthens the authenticity of this address. Belonging to the commission of Skid Row 3on3 Streetball League and Social-Entrepreneur is changing the people think about Skid Row. Having a major role in organizing the "Occupy Skid Row Music Festival" featuring Hip Hip artists like Public Enemy, Kurupt (DPG), Lady of Rage, Yo-Yo, MC Breeze of the LA Posse and many more. Helping bring awareness to Skid Row changing conditions and along with showing peace in the Hip Hop community.

General Jeff is a rare brand and a name we are Reviving Black History Month with, acknowledging today the contributions of this African American's work for Social Justice and a stronger Community Life.

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