Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Is That Right! The Mourning After

The Mourning After, an urban love story by Reelife Intertainment. Director Chris Hodge and Group4, delivers an interesting 6 minute short film for a school project (2004). It's a romantic-drama about a couple the morning after an intense argument and the consequences that follow.

We thought debuting this the morning after Valentine's Day would be an entertaining opposite perspective. Expressing a glimpse into a life (true story) where commitment did not deliver flowers and candy, but it delivered shocking news - some entertaining stuff! 

Create-A-Voice, still trying to make sense of life through wisdom via the eyes of Chris Hodge, as he mentions in the director's cut commentary. The story line and intention of this film is what entertained us, no sense in being over critical about a young director making an effort for progress.

Revive Black History Month and encourage your people's work; thank you Dir. Chris Hodge for this entertaining piece and we anticipate your new work.

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The Mourning After 
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