Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Is That Right!

We are introducing a new feature called Is That Right! It is blog-ver-sa-tions of moments to make you say, "Is That Right!" Through humor, sarcasm and/or real social life situations and more.

Today is Valentine's Day, where couples acknowledge their happiness and gratitude of commitment with one another. The sharing of gifts, dinners and thoughtful gestures fills this one day.

Not many people share this experience of earthly bliss; with single and divorced parents and dysfunctional couples - people experience more self motivation and/ or deflection of true emotions during Valentine's Day. 

Tomorrow Wednesday February 15, 2012 12am pst. We'll post an urban romantic-drama blog-ver-sa-tion  - you can Watch and then say, "Is That Right!"

It is a film school project by a director in his amateur stage of film direction. The story line and ending have entertainment value - all in just 6 minutes. 

Come back to Create-A-Voice the morning after Valentine's Day for an urban tale of love....Is That Right!


  1. Yea I agree a day to think dearly and express sentiments for love ones not easy for many. Also its hard for others to separate the commercialization of days like this and that causes some of the meaning to be lost. I'm caught in the middle somewhere. Is that right?

    1. Everyone's story is different and circumstances play our accordingly to its causes, have patience and ask for guidance with these matters.

      This urban tale of love is what we're debuting tonight and watch the shocking news....

      Tonight@12am Here on Create-A-Voice http://createavoice.org