Sunday, February 26, 2012

Random Thinking with Mark Lewis

random Thinking "random Thinking" means exactly what it is. Thought clouds of various random relevant topics. So just like reality TV - this is reality "Blogversation"

"Think of your own faults the fires part of the night when you are awake, and of the faults of others the latter part of the night when you are asleep. When we try to camouflage our flaws by blaming others, they only get bigger. Look at the person you want to be and start working on him or her. 
We as have to start supporting each other and stop the hate. When God looks down on earth and he see all the hurt and pain that we do as people to one another i know his heart is sad. I work on skid row as a case manager and the hurt in the pain is so deep when you look in the people eyes. I see people with AIDS i have even work with them from time to time. I have seen a woman sale her body for a hit of crack and not even think about it. 

"One day I asked a young women why she has sex for money and she said because I'm good at it and it's the only time I feel love. That killed my soul it hurt me so bad because she didn't have anymore hope."
What do you say to a man when he sleep on the ground? I will tell you what most people say nothing because they don't care it's not there issue. Well i have been on both side homeless and i have had cool apartment in downtown as well. I still live in downtown in around the skid row area because i want to stay helping people and it's my passion i have been bless to make money doing something i love most people can't say that and i would do it for free.
Mark Lewis
So we are at the end people so before we point a finger at someone make sure you're with out fault yourself, peace one love."

Note: This Blog-ver-sa-tion is a thought from Mark Lewis, Case Manager in the Skid Row Community, Downtown Los Angeles

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