Thursday, April 5, 2012

Every Thursday with Media Set Free

"Every Thursday" will feature people of creativity and/or ideas of leadership throughout their work.

Media Set Free (MSF) is taking control of new media film-making with leading work by capturing original content from around the world. Executive Director Boaz Abel says, "Our Goal is to create video and text based news, information and entertainment for a world that desperately needs it. Current media and outlets tend to have their own spin on things."

MSF is approaching this niche market strategically, by providing media from within the non profit world. Already Boaz has filmed in Hatti, Africa and other parts of the globe. MSF is making old media systems nervous with unique new media content. Content that connects to a person's interests, based around MSF's passion, productivity and their purpose is...
" explore this great earth and of it's inhabitants and express that in a way that brings people closer together. We hope to connect the world not with the needs of others but with the beauty of others in this world." Media Set Free
The 3P's of MSF are very relevant and expressed here with Eli Omar's Kenya journey to "Pay it Forward" and help strengthen lives and develop opportunities, with Kenyan entrepreneurs and local community life. MSF delivers what the world should know about global communities in need for change.

The world is moving into a new paradigm and Media Set Free is already occupying a valuable niche market - social new media. Stay tuned Every Thursday and next week it may be you.

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  2. You can view more of Media Set Free @

  3. I love MSF's purpose of exploring the earth and connecting the people together. There is an entire world outside of our immediate environment that is taking place and we have no idea about. It's a blessing to have a balanced source to be our eyes when we can't be there to see it ourselves, although it should be all of our goals to travel, but until then this is a blessing.
    I would love to see more films by the director. Very proud of Boaz for his work. Please let us know where we can find his other films.