Monday, April 30, 2012


"Thanks" from the Passenger
We totally appreciate our audience and please forgive the absence. Currently I am traveling learning more about my deen (way of life) and meeting other social service organizations, who are serving families and communities. Organizations who are challenging social domestic ills in their country. "One Body, One Community"

I have some internet access and I'm checking emails with it. Here is a thought I was thinking earlier....

"Growth is something else. The Creator opens a pathway for traveling. On that journey you will encounter different people, experience joyful and painful moments. Each event you experience, will help develop your intellect (critical thinking) for the next path. Have vision and share it while traveling, stay aligned with the Creator's criteria for doing good. Do your best with good deeds, it keep us in favor for more of the Creator's awards. Then at the end of each day, look back and see your growth. Internalize it. Note: Do fall into jealousy of others." - just random Thinking...

Create-A-Voice family, thank you with a warm virtual smile :-) . Please continue reading and catching with other blog-ver-sa-tions posted between February 2011- Now. Regular blog-ver-sa-tions are scheduled to begin by Wednesday May 9, 2012.

Please share us with your friends and I am grateful for your online leadership, making Create-A-Voice a relevant visit for blog-ver-sa-tions to have offline.

Major Love and Respect...the Passenger


  1. Bismillah...Awaiting the passengers return...may GOD be pleased...ameen