Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pause for this Brief Conscious Break

We break your regular blog-ver-sa-tion programming for... Rodney King is remembered.

Los Angeles an epic center of social change, a place where its unique culture have challenged repressive thought and behavior. Rodney King's life captured the attention and proof of police brutality, a burden expressed by African Americans and those in urban communities, since the Watts Riots.

Though we abused our own community during the riot, a new generation of awareness was born.
  • Religious leaders began interfaith dialogue, before '92 was minimum 
  • Los Angeles Gang Culture recently celebrated a 20 year Truce, a generation still healing
  • Independence became a reality for business and social change
  • Grass-root organizations began civic engagement
  • Made the World see the Truth
No sense in mentioning any faults at this time, he stood in the best possible manner, after being traumatized. Thank you Rodney for your dignity being raised not just for you, but the Civil Rights community and those who fight for justice...Rest In Peace, Sir.

We now return you to your regular blog-ver-sa-tion program #createavoice

1 comment:

  1. You never know, how your life is going to end and you can choose to rise and win. Rodney King's life and that incident, brought attention to other cases that went unheard.

    His Dignity was raise afterwards, though encountered personal and external opposition. It's nothing but respect for his struggle as a human being.

    This is a simple reminder, how far we have come but we're still traveling toward success. Now with human rights on the mind. Stay focus... and #createavoice