Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pause for this Brief Conscious Break with Bitch Bad

We break your regular blog-ver-sa-tion programming for... 

If you were on the Fire, instructions for putting yourself out are, STOP>DROP> and ROLL!

The morality in most of today's music is on Fire! Layers of morals, brain cells and our birth right of Dignity are being burned away so willingly. The behavior that is observed in popular music today - not all, suggest to the intellect of our children and adults with children intellects, to assimilate the entertainment.

Lupe Fiasco lays out scenarios found within the context of music and video. He rhymes, an analytical composition of seeds being planted psychologically, upon our youth and by Adults. Watch Bitch Bad  by Lupe Fiasco for this edu-taining message.

STOP>DROP> AND ROLL! We now return you to your regular blog-ver-sa-tion programming

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