Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday's Wisdom... Liberated Thinking

Is the blind and the one sees the same; or are the deaf and the hearing equals?

Let's contemplate thinking capacities under the existing social pressures and hardships. Under these circumstances, one's environment could alter perception to some degree. A suppressed and oppressed mind are not the same, as having a liberated mind-state.

A person, group or society who lives without stressful anxieties, may perceive context and information totally different. Just having a meek observation, one can compare the difference between schools of thoughts, that predetermine action. Example, when the Muslim world caught wind of "Innocence of Muslims", there were two different reactions.

The people in Libya and other countries responded with violent protest, death and chaos; versus the Muslims in the West responded with a different approach for this critical moment. The West approached this calendar event through patience, studies, collaboration and effective outreach; in my opinion declared a demarcation between mind-states.

But, why? You have to ponder this analysis between two sectors of people under the same religious guidelines. This is not an academic critique, case study review or judgement; it's simply a common observation between mind-states and how one's perceive context under social pressure.
  • Is it the education, allowed to study independent of influence
  • The leadership of the cultures
  • What about the wisdom of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)and how he handle ridicule in the City of Taif
Liberated Thinking

Though social pressure and illmatic conditions exists in the West. It is without years of suppressive influence, tribalism, inherited prejudices that influence a person or group perception. The ability to think, study, and govern within an environment without the above pressure, somewhat liberates the thinking and creates a more rational mind-state for critical thinking.

"Liberated Thinking" bares witness for individuals and groups, testifying to their state of being. Living in a society where the rights of education are pursued, obtained and applied; again liberates the thought process. Then initiate the exercising of ideas for community, social and economic justice with creativity upon support and collaboration between like minds.

Liberation of "heart and mind", opens the thought process for discovering and providing dignity within our intellectual battles for success. Sharing this success with all people regardless of social status, political party and wealth. Liberated Thinking, is an open source code of philosophy, that is being customized since the days Adam. Liberated Thinking is a gift, and has always freed the human being from suppressive and oppressed eras. Just remember this...
"Do not ask the son of Adam to fulfill a need,
Ask Him Whose gates are never concealed.
The Creator is wrathful when you do not ask Him
While the son of Adam is angered if you ask him."
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