Thursday, November 8, 2012

WS: Away We Happened Episodes

Yep, Create-A-Voice likes Chick flicks! Blame my neighbors; all those Friday movie nights with my friend her family made an impression. 

Away We Happened, the way a couple accidentially exchanged bags at a life destination. It was sponsored by AT&T as an interactive web show, where voting determine a desired outcome. 

It's an urban story of a different perspective, quite seriously (man voice). We wanted to try something new. Check out other Web Series, here on Create-A-Voice.

Now the movie....

... Jean calls calls Daniel for an address in her notebook buried under confusion and they realize opposites attract....see what happens in Part II: Away We happened

In Part III Daniel, consequently, prepares for a work in Los Angeles and meet Jean there to exchange luggage, but something else happens. See what happens

I hope you enjoyed, Away We Happened. AT&T are not paying us, so you can watch the remaining episodes on Youtbe, thanks. #createavoice on Twitter as WhoopWoop!


  1. I don't have time to watch webisodes!!!

    So u know I watched ep. 1-5 in one sitting lol....

  2. So Funny! I understand, blame my neighbors for me liking romantic comedies and some dramas... You are funny!