Wednesday, December 26, 2012

#WisdomWed... the Day after Xmas

Being Muslim, after growing up having traditional Christian values; does not mean I do not care or even feel other holiday seasons. In fact, some Muslims have developed a patience, having the ability to apply such meaningful emotions, and demarcate our intention and self - and still enjoy any day with respect and consideration. Since becoming Muslim in 1998, the holiday season has always been a true challenge of demarcation between belief, values and family traditions.

On Tuesday December 25th like everyone else, I unwrapped my gift of life. Acknowledged the Creator for this everyday present to me, since 1970. Not knowing what this day will bring, like a lot others I went back to sleep after my morning prayers. Awakening around 9am; noticing a missed call, returning some texts and I then answered some 3 day old emails; in prep for 2013's work.

My entire family predominately observes Xmas, except for my children and myself. They still receive gifts from family members. There is nothing wrong in being grateful and accepting our family's gratitude and appreciation, thank you for the love! Like Judaism, Islam has its fixed holiday seasons, (1) after fasting in Ramadan and (2) Pilgrimage in Mekka, we have festival days (Eid).

On Xmas Eve, I visited a friend at Cedar Sinai Hospital who is suffering a lot of discomforting pain; May the Creator grant her health, security and protection (afiyah). Consequently, I told my cousin I would come see her, but the hospital visit took longer than expected, so I rescheduled without notice for an Xmas Day pop-up.

Woke and clothed now, I grabbed two pieces of cold fried chicken, and the car keys. Hitting the 91 Frwy, while listening to 93.5 KDAY, not knowing what I was about to learn.

Arriving, being greeted into what I wrote about last week. This experience exposed to me, the origin of some my stubbornness, harsh decision making, and trust for keeping someone's secrets. For the sake of time, I am going to bullet point the experience... it is A.D.D. on my (seriously) here is a long story short...
  • My lil cousin greeted me with a receding hairline and the nerve to have a geri curl
  • A house full of animals birds, dogs inside and outside in the yard, running loose
  • My grieving cousin who is like a sister, also suffering via having a bad pancreas, but she has enough energy to drink alcohol excessively and check us with foul language
  • Her mother being mistreated for whatever reasons, by her own daughter
  • the mother feeling bad and wanting out this bad predicament
  • extra house guests living there, and house has unnecessary foot traffic
  • the coldest element, the family is holding a secret that is destroying lives and making a case for mental health and avoiding proper health care
  • As I wrote before, "Our Urban Life is not normal"
  • One thing as a blogger, I am not going to put society on blast for its social ills, when I have some serious issues of my own.
This Wednesday after Xmas... I'm asking for prayers and duas for my family. Our leadership, accountability, and logic are all absence and the leading women are stressed out. I use to wonder, what family or person is not experiencing joy during any holiday season.

So much to say, but I think about this sentence from the Quran, " ..Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves..."  

In this new year, we must face the health of ourselves both, mentally and physically. Seek proper attetnion and resolve all matters with confidence and with the people who can really help. If you have love ones like mines, never worry we are not alone. Let's start the process for reconciliation... #createavoice for Mental Health.
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