Thursday, January 24, 2013

Every Thursday with the Leader in You

"Every Thursday" will feature people of creativity and/or ideas of leadership throughout their work.

The New World Order is now active and where are you at? This is no conspiracy theory comment, just stating a fact. We are upon a new age of politics, social justice, the use of technology and gender relationships. A much different time period, than 30 years ago. 

Generation X are now leaders, facilitating and shaping policies for change. We are upon obtaining human rights, for our global communities. Countries and their powers have consolidated territories, resources and thought to form new critical decisions. Contemplating this, we truly have nothing to fear; but we must organise ourselves collectively and on an individual level.

Our country (U.S.) is beginning to heal, from the past 12 years of change, war, economy and unemployment. Religious identities are beginning to move change, on an united platform. Not-for-profit organizations are seeking socially innovative strategies to deploy social justice action! New leaders are emerging in succession of their previous administration. Our Sisters (of all color) are exemplifying solid leadership, re-iterating stagnate thought and perception.

Community Organizers are shedding old skins for new thicker skin and networking with untapped communities, by teaching and mentoring. Though we still have some major issues such as Mental Health, Conflict within families and habits none of us want exposed - a visible Light is ahead. Americans are re-embracing their spirituality for a renewed sense of comfort.

The world is asking for "the Leader in You" to step forward and claim your destiny. Let your creativity shine, your thoughts, input, and presence are welcomed. If we do not step forward, then do not expect your community's voice to be heard!

Share this blog-ver-sa-tion with your friends, co-workers and family for conversation, Every Thursday. If not you, then who?

Thank you and WhoopWoop!

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