Wednesday, February 27, 2013

#WisdomWed, Calling on the U.S. State Department

U.S. State Department, there are 28 families in Sheikh Jarrah whose in need of your political assistance. Currently the occupation in their local area, are evicting Muslim residents and taking control of their property by force. In the United States this act would be considered "Home Invasion!"

New Ground: A Muslim-Jewish Partnership for Change held a private screening for its alumni, viewing this docu-movie "My Neighbourhood" created mixed emotions of sorrow, cruelty, a no sense for human dignity and more. Where it clearly depicts, Mohammed El Kurd family's home being taken over by home invaders. If these incidents were on American soil... these men would be arrested, put on trial and then convicted for "Home Invasion, Robbery, and countless other charges."

We are asking for Justice for the remaining 28 families in Sheikh Jarrah to remain in their homes, Mohammed El Kurd Grandmother's home returned in its entirety, and effective Global Peace Peace Building to take place. How to Get Involved...

The Jewish people who are advocating, the Human Civil Rights (HCR) in solidarity for Muslim families, are displaying righteous actions. I am sure the Powers of the U.S. can negotiate, reconcile and simply save these families from further experiencing home invasion and robbery.

JustVision documented the ordeal and shared this documentary with us. We are praying the story within this blog-ver-sa-tion reach the right influential person and/or group of mercy; and simply make that phone call for peace (we know you can).

Below is the trailer that motivates our cry for help...  We are #PeopleHelpingPeople.

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