Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wisdom Wednesday... A Note to Self

"Before claiming a kingdom, one must first own land." In order to actualize and create a stable
foundation, there are prerequisites required for Men and Women to accomplish and must possess in leveraging one's life.

A person must contemplate and design his/her life while in the midst of living it. Have a vision, for success in this life and success in the next life. It all begins with having good intentions, for the best outcomes that will help maintain health, obtain security for protection and comfort.

The aforementioned are basic life essentials, in which both genders should have the ability to provide for not only himself, but have the capacity to share with his love ones. Though men have traditionally been considered as maintainers and providers for women, theoretically due to strength. Society, economics, and education have altered this concept from its natural state. Making society a bit disproportion and unbalanced. 

Some men are fortunate to have some type of guidance or even wholesome leading advice, that can produce appropriate ethical influence and stability. There are certain lessons that cannot be observed, taught or learned within a single parent home. We must or should have rational characteristics for life and/or the ability to truly empower your counterparts; which is a true struggle for good. Life takes on a different temperament without those lessons.

Many men expect a woman to have similar nurturing qualities, that resemble their upbringing. Many women expect and demand attention, affection and respect. Both should understand, neither will obtain their rightful needs, without first experiencing it; in order to issue it.

Witnessing life in America, We are seeing many disorders; which are disassembling strong traditional belief systems. Mannerism is gone, privacy and confidentiality is no longer a trust, and individuals with the biggest disorders are advising. Forcing many to relearn as we face life's moments. One mistake being made is having the audacity to think, "you have all the answers." Many sway an audience into believing their arrogance is solid leadership, when in fact these are the most fragile people.

Leadership is about exemplifying humility under pressure, having the insight to know "enough is enough." Most of all Leadership is the quality of having patience. To acquire more, individuals will undergo a transformation of self, that will shake his/her core before entering a rebirth of sense. Out of these moments - a more healthier and mentally stronger person is born. Thoughts, words and actions will not sway one's disposition, fear will not be able to threaten the soul.

Life's experiences should shape your mental health, and the knowledge of faith gives the mental a comfortable foundation. Every man and woman dream of having a winning team, but each gender must be mentally ready to re-enforce a true perception of self. If not "Accountability" will expose us and then our life experiences should be able to guide us out of dark waters.

Have leverage people, so you can acquire your basic needs from others. Basically going back to the thesis of this blog-ver-sa-tion, "Before claiming a kingdom, one must first own land."

Note:  Surround yourself with the dreamers, the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you don't see it yourself.     --unknown
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