Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Note to Class

Greetings Mohammad Auwal, Colleagues, and CLUMEL Admin...

I am thankful at this point, for this educational opportunity; my name is Umar Hakim, a native of Compton, Calif.  This my second unit of learning w/CLU. Simply I will listen, learn, and internalize the lessons and gather those pearls out of this collective experience.

Recently, I began seeking balance and more patience, for my everyday life and work. Allowing it to unfold before me – it’s more fun to watch it unfold, than making it unfold. Watching my children and family’s growth is amazing, but having patience for it all is more amazing. 

My urban life is full of comprehensible economic lessons, but I would like to balance that by learning “Rethinking Money and its Meaning.” I feel it will totally open a new gate of understanding and help facilitate the community work in South Los Angeles. 

My interests are; to expand my blogging (www.createavoice.org), motivate my children by example, earn every letter of this education, and help urban Muslims and others achieve a sense of community we all can share. 

Oh yeah, and have some major have Fun! 

Peace and Blessing to you all ~ As’salaamu alaykum.

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