Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How valuable are Blog-ver-sa-tions

Our mission is simply, "Create A Voice" for the unspoken, the unknowing and those in need of insight. Raising our digital literacy above its current standards, and we plan to accomplish this by having valuable, Blog-ver-sa-tions "thoughts to content" for online discussion, which create offline conversations.

"Thoughts of a CEO'....Everything about us is personality, so expect just that!"

Blue Ocean is a strategy extending from the Harvard School of Business...our introduction was by Steven Shepard. Basically Blue Ocean is "creating tomorrow, out of today's data." This capacity of thought relies on vision from within an individual, the internalization of a case study and/ or an insightful team of collaborators. 

Many of us belong to a team who have led an organization's success, but what happens when we allow the success to manage us versus "us leading the success...Dave Logan." How do our leadership regain that momentum, is it lost in the translation of success?

Simply embrace independent thinkers (like me...) and bring'em on board in the best manner. Do not watch'em from a distance and try to internalize their perspective without them, You will get it wrong.

I say this sincerely in today's time of innovation and creativity. Because, we all need a helping hand regardless of its level or status; a helping is a helping hand (generally speaking). Helping hands can develop mutual benefits of growth and stability. Bottom line, we are at point where Red Ocean treading - need Blue Ocean swimmers.

Example: Red Ocean Thinker "Mubarak"- Blue Ocean Thinker "The People"....I'm just saying "Create A Voice" and reach out.

let us know if this blogversation has value.....#createavoice dot org

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