Thursday, March 17, 2011

How You Like Us Now!

Please share your experience and let us know what you think about Create A Voice. How did you hear about us, What can we do better or a simple gesture. This type of feedback help us guide and develop more enjoyable Watch, Listen and Read moments. Thank you!


  1. Bismillah...I was invited to the "Blog-ver-sa-tion" and I glad I accepted the invitation...I challenge Create A Voice to maintain the personal "that 'Blog-ver-sa-tion was exclusively between the creAted voice & me" touch long after the this random Thought, now ReaLitY, balloons & takes flight into the cyber-pheres...may ALLAH be pleased...ameen

  2. Amelah,we at Create A Voice is working hard to deliver relevant blogversations for social fun and discussion.Please tell a friend about us and we appreciate you spending your web time with us...thank you