Saturday, March 19, 2011

random Thinking...

"random Thinking" means exactly what it is. Thought clouds of various random relevant topics. So just like reality TV - this is reality "Blogversation"

Being too busy...

Many of us have great responsibilities and duties we lead on a daily basis. Various tasks, meetings and/ or new media blogging for this matter. Hardly experiencing any or what we claim, no downtime what so ever. In the midst of these routines, the reality is what are we missing out on?

Do not read this, pretending like what we do is more important than that missed (skipped) call you just ignored or that email or post from a colleague we are negating to answer, knowing the facebook is open while working. The reality is our phones, tablets and notebooks (forms of notifications) are more closer than wallets and wedding rings - so why miss (ignore) those calls and allow emails go unanswered.

We have witnessed these actions oh too many times, claiming to be too busy/ forgot to reply. Subsequently, missing out on something that could or would have raised awareness, amused or may have been a bit of really useful information. 

remember this is just a Thought...

For example, once I called a colleague while their organization was under pressure and my call was answered. By answering the call we were able to discuss the issue, create alternative ideas, and developed opportunities that re-established strong relationships. Whether small or Big, it's the consideration of a call (outreach) that counts.

Can the real core issue be time management, becoming overwhelmed at the helm and not facilitating tasks accordingly. Recently this was told me...
  • 8 hours for sleep
  • 8 hours for work
  • and 8 hours for family/self .
Not necessarily prioritized in this order, but I hope it make sense. The last one "8 hours for self" can be a good start. Taking time to meditate, peaceful excursions or performing prayer all can clear one's mind. In closing the people or situations we are avoiding, could be the advice, idea and/ or prayer we have been too busy for...just Thinking. 

This video is another random Thought, indirectly not related...but they can rap!

what just Thinking....#createavoice

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