Thursday, March 10, 2011

Please Pause for this Brief Conscious Break...

A true test by the CAV Broadcast System
 Apologize for interrupting your regular Watch, Listen and Read content for this important Message: 

This Week in America, we have a lot happening. Looking at Wisconsin's workforce battles, the hearings in DC and yet alone our own personal struggles in the midst of daily life, have us reflecting on these quotes....

"Segmented Americans regardless of citizenship, documented and/ or undocumented all are seeking equality in the "Pursuit of Happiness". It is that time for a negotiated order between groups in creating macro-solutions across and/or for; Economic Recovery, Religious-Cultural Intelligence and Beneficial Livelihoods...." March 9th's Wisdom Wednesday
"A better society and a better world, that is what the 'I am Change' is about."...     Edina Lekovic MPAC
 "One of the solutions to Islamophobia is organizing around city-based issues"... Naim Shah Jr., ILM

"it's time for us to contribute to the construction of something beautiful"Imam Zaid
This is a true test, please refer to your rebuilding America kits
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