Thursday, March 10, 2011

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Welcome all New Watchers, Listeners and Readers to "Create A Voice", the place for New Media blog-ver-sa-tions. We intend on providing unique quality conversations. Wow, this project is really gaining a progressive momentum!

Quotes from our audience,

"wow that was amazing i really like it!OMG can u do it again." bayinnah 3/9/11

"One needs to have more self respect whilst the other has to learn humility. We can only balance things out by balancing ourselves. I was disturbed yet heart-warmed with some of my conversations in Afghanistan" Media Set Free 3/9/11 

"Relax, be good and be better everyday u have the opportunity to share with your mate. Marriage is the concoon to become a butterfly, stop trying to be a caterpillar by staying unevolved." Siddiq Mumin 3/2/11

"Is Black History Becoming Irrevelent? Createavoice brings up an excellent question. Also presented are parallels to challenge us African American of the current value of our divinely driven global brand /(identity). It time to get busy! May Allah Reward you for making us think!!" One Word 2/16/11

Commentary is your Voice being heard, articulated and considered....#createavoice and Thank you

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