Thursday, April 28, 2011

Please Pause for this Brief Conscious Break...featuring Lupe Fiasco

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Tanya McDowell a homeless woman enrolled her son, Andres Justin, into Brookside Elementary using a friend's address. On April 14, 2011 she was arrested and charged for larceny, facing a 20 year prison sentence and may be fined up to 15,000 - for supposedly stealing education from the Norwalk School District in Connecticut, huh?. 

Today in 2011 it seems like United States representatives have not progressed morally and are inconsiderate to the less fortunate. Subtle reminders of dominance and control are being revealed, quite frequently in the past few months. If it's not a small minority of Americans reminding immigrant Muslims that Americans have been immigrants longer than them, it's photos disrespecting the CEO of the United States, or oil companies raising the price on vital energy, why?

In the midst of this Small Conscious Break, hopefully one person can remind us about moral value; because it's now official  - The United States of America is Morally Bankrupted

Have politicians, world leaders and companies forgotten their innocent childhoods or are they expressing their childhood - and what promises or oath they swore by, in helping people. 

No matter how today's issues are painted it is still tainted with; racism, a selfish greed and/ or irrelevance to people's best interest. Civil Rights a platform established for individuals seeking to achieve dignity and status, in a time where America practiced racial division. That division or lack of understanding seems to have been dormant, waiting for a new reason to surface...creating more division. Or is disrespecting a U.S. President, denying education for a chance out of destitution  and raising energy cost - right?

In a conscious break, stop and think about what we're becoming and the animosity it's creating. Its long term effect is worth preventing. 6 six degrees of separation - honestly tell someone how you feel about injustice, it may reach the right person for change....God Willing 

We wrote this quote for the previous "Blog-ver-sa-tion" and it's still relevant...
"Segmented Americans regardless of citizenship, documented and/ or undocumented all are seeking equality in the "Pursuit of Happiness". It is that time for a negotiated order between groups in creating macro-solutions across and/or for; Economic Recovery, Religious-Cultural Intelligence and Beneficial Livelihoods...." March 9th's Wisdom Wednesday
"it's time for us to contribute to the construction of something beautiful"Imam Zaid

This is a true test, please refer to your rebuilding America kits
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Think about it?

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  1. Another great post, we Americans really need to take heed to what is happening right before our eyes. It is really time to make changes let our voices be heard.

  2. This is great! I love the approach to this question. And I just saw the story Tanya Mcdowell on TV. IT was a crushing story, My mom did the same thing she did, back in the 90's to get us a better education. IT is mad how we are so uncompromising, but who can blame the government. The citizens are just as uncompromising.