Friday, April 1, 2011

random Thinking...

"random Thinking" means exactly what it is. Thought clouds of various random relevant topics. So just like reality TV - this is reality "Blogversation"

Sharing your vision...huh?

Listen to "Sharing your vision...huh?"
random Thinking...Share your vision...huh by createavoice

Many entrepreneurs are asked to share their vision, about their ideas and thoughts. Out the goodness of one's heart we tell its origin, mechanics, strategy and basically what makes it tick. Then you look up and someone else or an affiliate of someone else is handling their business, with yo' intellectual property!

reality of today...

Today, everyone is repositioning themselves to embrace our unknown reality fast approaching "2012." In the midst of economic uncertainties and upcoming elections. Industries are redeveloping their Red Ocean thinking into Blue Ocean strategies. Entrepreneurs are loved and hated at the same time (another conversation). The experienced person when asked only give what's necessary of his/her idea - an executive summary. The honest, not bad but strategic should be more of a preference - details out his plan, its cogs and wheels of the strategy....that is not what is meant by sharing.

speaking from experience...

Our first project was basically created through pure creativity of foresight developing an idea, one line at a time. The marketing plan was pure adrenalin and gumption, working "word of mouth" and gorilla marketing with flyers. Early in our endeavors, strong relationships were built from top to bottom. Time was spent "telling the game" instead of "selling the game." This era was an education, a person cannot experience or learn at any academic institution...right now, this is Ph.D talk (Persistence heart. Determination). 

For us, it was an untold wisdom realized after writing our current business plan. Once this document was shaped and developed, organically this intellectual property became personal. An attorney friend said, "write your executive summary last after everything is conceived."

An executive summary is the optimized concept of the planned vision. One should share a summarized mission and vision - not the mechanics. I could be wrong, but let's ask Colonel Sanders, or the ancient Chinese secret; both are successful brands who did not tell their core.

just a Thought....

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  1. Bismillah...Hotness...Masha ALLAH...may we not look up and someone else or an affiliate of someone else be handling our business, with our intellectual property...Here's to preserving the core of our one day ancient secrets...may our brands be successful and may GOD be pleased...ameen

  2. Thank you, Amelah! We are grateful for your participation in our blog-ver-sa-tions. Please continue to share and comment, your example is how an audience member can "Create A Voice"

  3. Alhamdullah! As always Wisdom Wednesdays is forcing us to reflect and think about the past, present and future. What i am taking from this blogversation is staying true to my vision by backing it up with some PhD big homie!

  4. Nice Blog. Thanks for commenting on my blog and please stop by often. I am following your blog. Have a great week

  5. @Naim thanks for for the support and regular visits.

    @Steve, no problem that was an interesting story you posted and welcome to our family