Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wisdom Wednesday: Skills, Interests and Values

Wisdom Wednesday are thoughts for social conversations and sharing our honest opinions, ideals and Wisdom. All of us have a value worth sharing; it may motivate another to stop, continue and/ or begin a certain process in their personal or social development.

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Wisdom Wednesday March 30, 2011 by createavoice

Skills, Interests and Values

Before one claims to be an entrepreneur or seeking an occupation. A person should contemplate their own basic personal drivers. Identifying indicators as their volition, purpose and determination of one's passion. Which should determined a path accordingly within means for entrepreneurship, a career and/ or a job.

skill Noun /skil/ "The ability to do something well; expertise"

Having skills can carry a reputation a long way; expertise is required in performing most manual or creative tasks. It is one-third of this formula in tapping our potential. For instance, event planning you are always given the "cooking" obligation. Mainly because your dishes never burn and are delicious! This "skill" indicates an innate ability for its category term "culinary" arts. Most skills originate from a natural quality, when this is realized one can then proceed obtaining certification or develop a strategic plan creating a niche market based on his/ her interesting skills.

in·ter·est Noun /ˈint(ə)rist/ "A feeling of wanting to know or learn about" (something)

Have you ever heard the saying, do what you love and it will never feel like work. The blogging mind love developing ideas, an artist loves writing and composing music and a teacher love to administer knowledge. Each one mentioned, feels secure and confident about their skills in alignment with their interests. We all know these people; despite economic hardships or being overwhelmed with attention, they have developed their interest into a valuable career. 

val·ue Noun \ˈval-(ˌ)yü\ "a person's principles or standards of behavior; one's judgment of what is important in life"

Your faith, dignity, matter of respect and class - can all constitute value; though different within many but basically the same caliber. The sense of winning is a natural human inclination; it is the under current for decision-making and choices. What I value may not be same as what you appreciate more than others. Parents, a significant relationship, or a friend  may have instilled respect, honor and dignity in us. So when choosing a livelihood, we are seeking the security of those installments; subsequently creating a comfort reflecting a value of our skills and interests.

Listing these 3 components of core values (Dave Logan..thanks), can and/ or should signal out an intention, a preference or desire toward a preferred industry, market or profession. When writing our blogversation "Digital Literacy" since 1985 i've been fascinated with computers, gadgets and code; one reason why I may innately desire new media blogging. 

The world is full of change; and if one's skills, interests and values are not aligned; seeing a new direction can be and will be difficult. An old generation is being rebirth alongside the new millennials. They are producing skillful and interesting lifestyles with a new but traditional sense of value. Education is key, let's not refute new knowledge with potential benefits for survival. Enjoin what is right, refute what is wrong... 

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  1. Thanks "Media Set Free" we are totally grateful for your comment...major!

  2. Bismillah...Masha ALLAH...Voice Creativity...Very Organic...may ALLAH be pleased...ameen

  3. As someone who has only recently dipped my toes into the blogosphere, I am loving the free flow of ideas, the social network interactions.. BUT I am struggling to figure out how it all gets off the page and into action.. how do electronic communications turn into real-time friendships and alliances?

  4. @Lee (Tzvi) Weissman,

    Very good question, and from our experience there are a number of ways...(1) the matching of mutual core values can motivate action for offline interaction.

    (2) joining and participation with an online community and attending their promoted events for social networking...

    and (3) online dating strategies, not recommending or encouraging one to online date; but it's same strategy can be use across the board...the matching of skills, interests and values which are considered for a number of reasons; academics, business ideas and/ or social causes.

    We hope these points have relevant insight into a broader strategy for networking, Lee and please share "Create A Voice" and its blog-ver-sa-tions with your community, thank you.