Monday, May 2, 2011

random Thinking...a Survival thought

"random Thinking" means exactly what it is. Thought clouds of various random relevant topics. So just like reality TV - this is reality "Blogversation"

In 1987 during my junior year in high school, the City of Compton was in the midst of a gang war. The strategy in surviving a murder rate, was military training without being enlisted. A simple journey home from school, the library or even a neighbor's house; built street smarts while walking or jogging eventually into a run to save one's life from location to location. Death and Killing in the 80s began a new social paradigm for urbanites, both old and young. Urban cities can relate to guerrilla warfare in foreign countries today.

Our community understands death and killing, as a surreal cognitive realization within one's psych. Surviving it only brings thoughts of thankfulness and a humble gratitude to our Creator for His Guidance during those times.

In Compton when the news of Death or Killings travels, those who know the pain reflect in ways most cannot comprehend and I tend to side only with the Creator

....just Thinking

oh, "the cold thing about this blog-ver-sa-tion; my perspective is totally different from someone who lost a love one and/ or didn't mentally survive that period."


  1. Living in Compton during this time taught us the harsh reality of life and death in a different way. You had to have been there, lived there and seen it to understand. If you survived mentally, physically and emotionally you have to thank God for keeping his hands on you male, female and innocent bystanders. Thank you God for keeping me.

  2. Our urban experience have given me a more civil perspective on death and killing and how one reacts to its news. After participating in funerals of friends and hearing about people we did not know, developed a sensitive compassion - teaching value of life and respect regardless who died or were killed.