Sunday, June 19, 2011

random Thinking... about father's day

"random Thinking" means exactly what it is. Thought clouds of various random relevant topics. So just like reality TV - this is reality "Blogversation

father's day a national observance, acknowledging fatherhood in the lives of many familiesindividuals and mentors. A day where one may hear "congratulations" or "thank you" and even "i love you" in appreciation of a man's contribution towards to our social stability. Phone calls, cards and gifts are given to commemorate this time, a wonderful time for many people.

Being a father can hold values of self esteem, confidence and an overall complete spiritual sense for fulfilling fatherhood duties. There are many men who may feel inadequate about fatherhood, therefore offsetting their sense of spirituality. Young fathers have risen among teens, and seeing a 9% national unemployment rate equating to some 13 Million Americans (see U.S. Chart) having no formal source of employment - this can constitute as a major offset for fathers in today's society.
"Can a man still function successfully in today's society without means of gainful employment; thus this employment being a legitimate source of income which would help provide for the family?"
Many would argue money is a very necessary component that equates a person's sense of value, but love or value does not pay the bills. Having an income is very necessary but we should not negate an individual's performance solely based on this missing component. There is a saying, being poor is an attitude not a of being. Though a person may not have employment, there are ways to offset the reality and maintain his/her dignity....
  • "Not a have negative attitude" There is a lot of pressure inhibiting one's performance in society. We must remain patient and grateful for the little we have and not allow discontentment to win over a good character.
  • "Be supportive" Appreciate and encourage the family in ways of motivation for improvement. A person's wisdom or expertise can be utilized as a valuable asset.
  • "Ignore ignorant comments" Pop shots and ridicule will come our way. Having a positive perspective will naturally counteract ignorance. It can help avoid any embarrassment within senseless commentary that could lead to arguing.
  • "Remain Active" Maintaining an active role in family, social and community life and progressing towards your goals can leverage opportunities in our favor.
  • "Keep up your appearance" Clothes, personal hygiene along with enhancing or educating one's intellectual capacity (reading something useful) all contributes to presentation.
Most of all sharing "Time". This one element will help leverage most of the social ills that extends from unemployment and not having an income. Also consider giving Moral support and Understanding, regardless of the "stank" attitudes we as parents can give one another. Really it's not easy today with all the issues we cannot control surrounding us. Unfortunately everyone do not have the best situation as other family and friends appear to have, but... 
"Making lemonade out of lemons, has been the historic victory of those who prevail out of struggle" Happy Father's Day to all, regardless of gender from...#CreateAVoice
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