Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wisdom Wednesday...Community Organize

Wisdom Wednesday are thoughts for social conversation and sharing our honest opinions, ideals and Wisdom. All of us have a value worth sharing; it may motivate another to stop, continue and/ or begin a certain process in our personal or social development.

Did you know....

"transform Los Angeles into a place that reflects human dignity..."
People Improving Communities through Organizing met at the Cathedral of Blessed Sacrament in Sacramento just blocks away from the State Capitol of California. Pico California is the effort of 19 local faith-based federations in 73 cities, representing more than 450,000 families across the state. La Voice Pico federation organizes over 24 congregations in the City of Los Angeles, representing 30,000 families; the Coalition to Preserve Human Dignity the latest congregation to join. Today on California's Capitol Hill a thousand people displayed religious solidarity; Catholics, Baptists, Jews and Muslims all advocating for a common purpose, "Public Policy" that affects quality affordable living. 

Did you know....California may cut vital programs by eliminating a tax structure designed to support; elderly care, public education, gang prevention (yes, eliminate gang prevention), CalWorks and more. Eliminating these programs would eliminate the all ready thin net of safety, most Angelinos procure for their personal and family safety. Imagine this...
  • No SSI for your elderly neighbor, grandparent or immediate family member
  • No Teachers for the upcoming 2011-2012 school year
Think about it?

Did you know.... legislators are planning to cut 3.5 Billion Dollars from CalWorks, 8500 seniors and the disable will lose benefits and a great number of inmates are planned to be released with no education or no social skill training to handle their difficult transition back into society. 

It's time we seriously engage local, state and federal policy makers as coalitions and re-enforce our vote with presence on the hills. We have the natural right to organize, rally and voice our concerns to elected officials. Lobbying is the necessary confirmation needed, so policy makers can resolve or dissolve issues that are supported by their constituency.

LA Voice Pico says...
  • We have a revenue crisis
  • We need to invest into our children's collective future
  • We have an obligation to support and protect our most vulnerable; our sick, poor, elderly and the disable.

"United in truth, imagination and ready to stand up for affordable quality living in California"...quote heard during the rally


  1. Alhumdullilah, Insha Allah the capital listened. good to see the involvement of the community members as many people suffer the direct impact daily from all the budget cuts. Keep hope alive!

  2. @Durbanite the day was exciting and very eventful. The Senate offices we lobbied for health care, education, public safety and AB1389 all welcomed the visit and encouraged us to also speak with members of the Republican party regarding California's budget.

  3. It's sad the legislators make these decisions, they cause a domino effect and we suffer from it. NOT ONE PERSON IS SAFE and if we don't join forces, form groups and let our voices be heard things will never change. People need to open their eyes we are in a CRISIS. I had never been concerned with political issues but lately things have caught my attention. I sent an email to the Govenors office and worked my way up all the way to Patty M who reps WA, why should we have to continue to pay for their carelessness. Keep up the fight somebody has to stand for the people.

  4. @Ms.Tamm, good point. Smaller groups still advocate for fair and equal public policies, now its time we rejoin and organize. In this new world order, new policies are needed for the new order. Thank for Creating a Voice