Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Community Organize: People Helping People

The past 11 years Americans have experienced hardships, downturns, and phobias of all kinds. No one group in the United States is untouched by the country's domestic issues and transition. National Unemployment rate is 9.1% (May 2011) and 14.8% (43.6 Million) are uninsured without Health Care.

There is no simple solution in resolving America's public issues. "People Helping People" can help relieve millions of Americans needs; Neighbors providing Neighborly Needs. We are joining the Coalition to Preserve Human Dignity for #peoplehelpingpeople 2012 online campaign for awareness of a simple ethic, sincere generosity. We would like to reach out to those Americans who wanna (would like to) drop the hate, stop the finger pointing, and begin to counter racism by organizing around a simple goodness.

Approaching 2012 there are many groups who can afford airtime, TV commercials and front page ads to propagate opinions not all Americans feel. Our country need individuals and groups who can create social contracts to help people. Fighting domestic issues of homelessness, foreclosures, develop healthcare opportunities, promote education and advocate for more fair public policies are rights citizens are in need of. Together online socially we can help another person, group or organization get through hardships instead of agendas that do not help restore the dignity of people.

Please "Join" and Follow us here and @whoopwoop for updates, announcements and news. Seriously we cannot be apprehensive in socially helping the next person or family.

Hash Tags and Url for Twitter:  RT #peoplehelpingpeople #hday #cphd 

For information about Humanitarian Day, send an email to hd(at)

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